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Last Updated on 21 May 2013, Total: 3 White Papers

  1. Content Filtering.

    This white paper examines the security threats facing companies due to viruses that can be contracted through web browsing and HTTP and FTP downloads. The paper explains why it is important it is to scan corporate web browsing and downloads at ISA Server level and describes how LANguard, which is built on ISA Server, does this... Read More

  2. Internet Access Control.

    This internet access control white paper aims to tackle the various security issues facing companies such as, viruses, hackers and much more. Controlling and monitoring internet access is a must for every corporate network to ensure ultimate network security and integrity. Also reviews products which are leading the way in network security and controlling internet access... Read More

  3. Audit and reporting in Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 2000.

    This white paper demonstrates that the audit and reporting facilities in Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 2000, although a good foundation, fall far short of fulfilling real-life business needs (i.e., monitoring Windows NT/2000 computers in real-time, periodically analyzing security activity, and maintaining a long-term audit trail)... Read More

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