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Monitoring and Administration addons for ISA Server

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    GFI WebMonitor for ISA/TMG

    GFI WebMonitor allows IT administrators to control internet access, reports on users' website browsing habits and downloads, while providing web security features such as antivirus and malware protection in real-time for SMEs, using multiple antivirus engines. GFI WebMonitor enables businesses to improve employee productivity and reduce cyber-slacking. Its reporting capabilities allow companies to effectively enforce an Internet usage policy because... Read More

  2. Fastvue TMG Reporter

    Fastvue TMG Reporter is the fastest and easiest way to report on Microsoft Forefront TMG. TMG Reporter monitors your Forefront TMG logs in real-time. Its live dashboards are always ready to show you bandwidth, productivity and firewall issues occurring on your network right now. Easily report on Users and Departments and share them with the right person with TMG Reporter's... Read More

  3. Internet Administrator for Microsoft Forefront TMG Server

    Internet Administrator for Microsoft Forefront TMG Server is an integrated solution which allows to control and manage Internet access if you use Forefront TMG Server in a local network. This version provides a full set of functions of the Internet Administrator for Windows, such as monitoring, traffic control and access management to the Internet. Unlike the version for Windows, Internet... Read More

  4. Websense Web Filter

    Websense Web Filter allows businesses to analyze, manage, and report on employee access to the internet and other network-based applications such as instant messaging, peer-to-peer, and streaming media. Websense Web Filter is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has been put through rigorous third-party testing in order to enable deployment of filtering functionality with your existing firewall infrastructure. Integration with Microsoft... Read More

  5. Netfee

    Integrated with popular firewall systems (ISA/TMG server , WinRoute,WinProxy, etc.), Netfee can do Usage Analysis, Reporting, and Performance management. It is a network software solution for managing Internet access. It consists of a Analysis module, charge module and reporting module. Netfee analyzes the firewall's log files, then writes the result into database. The administrator can monitor the Internet useage (Bytes,Time,URLs... Read More

  6. Surrogate Socket

    Surrogate Socket 5.0 gives you the ability to allow Socks 5.0 compatible machines and applications to dynamically access the Internet from behind Microsoft ISA Server... Read More

  7. WebSpy Analyzer Giga

    WebSpy Analyzer Giga is an Internet and Email monitoring tool. Capable of importing gigabytes of data, Analyzer Giga is a monitoring solution for enterprise scale organizations. You can import log files into Analyzer Giga that your mail server, Internet proxy server or firewall generates, and conduct investigations into all areas of your organization's Internet and email usage. Import an unlimited... Read More

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