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Miscellaneous addons for ISA Server

  1. X-Forwarded-For for TMG & ISA Server

    Winfrasoft X-Forwarded-For for TMG, ISA Server and IIS adds the ability to track and log the source IP address of a client PC through a forward or reverse proxy server chain to the web server. This is very useful for log analysis when branch offices connect to the Internet via a head office proxy server, and when the real client... Read More

  2. LogHostname

    Integrates into the ISA 2004 logging facility and logs the complete URL, including host name, as entered in the client's web browser. Without this filter, ISA will only show IP addresses in the URL for some users (SecureNAT and certain Firewall Client settings). No difficult configuration; just install and go. Free evaluation is provided... Read More

  3. VPN-Q 2006

    VPN-Q 2006 is a VPN Quarantine and health state checking solution for deploying and managing VPN Quarantine services with Microsoft ISA Server and Windows RRAS... Read More

  4. WebDirect

    WebDirect enables Microsoft ISA Server 2004 to issue HTTP and HTTPS redirects. With WebDirect you can write ISA web publishing rules that redirect browsers to some other internal address, or anywhere on the Internet... Read More

  5. RainWall

    RainWall brings fault tolerance to your ISA Server configured in the firewall or integrated mode, and addresses NLB limitations. RainWall software installs on an existing ISA Server (Standard and Enterprise Editions) and clusters multiple ISA Servers to act as a single gateway. RainWall enables your ISA Server to be non-stop, fast, and scalable. RainWall guarantees packet delivery and connection integrity... Read More

  6. RainConnect

    RainConnect distributes traffic among multiple ISP links from different upstream providers and provides Internet link failover and bandwidth throughput aggregation. RainConnect software installs behind the access router on standard, off-the-shelf server hardware or on an ISA Server firewall, and does not require any special cooperation between Internet service providers or border gateway protocol (BGP). RainConnect allows ISA Server to have... Read More

  7. WebTOS

    With WebTOS your organization can display a fully configurable "Terms of Service" or "license agreement" dialog to your web users before they are allowed HTTP access. WebTOS is useful for the following scenarios: If you want to present your internal users with a TOS screen before letting them use the web; If you need external Internet users to agree to... Read More

  8. XCompress for ISA

    XCompress for ISA enables compression on the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server to cut total bandwidth utilization 30% or more. Cutting bandwidth reduces bandwidth expenses and dramatically improves network response time for pages - making workers more productive, e-commerce transactions quicker, and end users happier... Read More

  9. FlexForm

    FlexForm from Collective Software augments the capabilities of ISA 2006, allowing it to interact with your internal back-end web login forms and sign in the user (provided they can use the same credentials). Features: Configure FlexForm with normal ISA publishing rules. You “publish” each form page with separate settings for interaction; Select a form on the page by name attribute... Read More

  10. ClearTunnel

    A solution for ISA Server that empowers ISA to see inside outbound SSL connections. With ClearTunnel, ISA can leverage these powerful features: Contents of HTTPS connections are exposed to the web proxy as normal HTTP requests/responses; Apply HTTP filter rules to HTTPS connections; Cache forward proxied HTTPS responses, decreasing your external bandwidth usage; Automatically compatible with most third-party web filters,... Read More

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