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RealSecure, Internet Security Systems' (ISS) intrusion detection product, enhances the ISS intrusion detection filters included with ISA Server. RealSecure's host and network-based intrusion detection provides complete protection against a wide range of intrusions. RealSecure's monitoring parameters easily adjust to different network situations, and are readily configured from a central console. Suspicious activities trigger administrator alarms and other configurable responses. Secure your ISA Server against attack with ISS RealSecure. Download an evaluation copy today.

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  1. M. Thu, 8 May 2003 02:00

    CA - Awful support

    Wait until it comes to the CA support. That's what really awful. It's not only overpriced but also not supportive at all.

  2. Peter Rogers Mon, 7 Oct. 2002 02:00

    Good interface on this product but the scalability is awful. We switched to CA eTrust Intrusion Detection they gave us a very good competitive swap-out price.


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