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Free Tools for ISA Server

  1. Netwrix Change Notifier for Windows Server

    Tracks changes to your Windows Server configurations, such as the installation of software and hardware, and changes to services and scheduled tasks (including the before and after values). 100% Free Tool... Read More

  2. Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Software Development Kit (SDK)

    The ISA Server 2004 SDK includes documentation, tools, and samples to enable developers and system administrators to deploy, configure, customize, and extend their ISA Server environment. The SDK can be used with both ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition and ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition (specific limitations are documented)... Read More

  3. ADAMSites Tool for ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition

    The ADAMSites Tool is a command line utility that helps Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition customers configure ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition Configuration Storage Server (CSS), based on Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)... Read More

  4. Firewall Kernel Mode Tool for ISA Server 2004

    FWEngMon.exe is a tool you can use to analyze and troubleshoot firewall connectivity issues by monitoring the ISA Server kernel-mode driver (fweng.sys)... Read More

  5. ISA Server Tools Repository

    A collection of free tools and scripts for Microsoft ISA Server. Includes scripts to protect against malware, configure protocols, and workaround bugs. All tools are provided at no cost whatsoever... Read More

  6. Microsoft ISA Server Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005

    The ISA Server Management Pack for MOM enables you to effectively monitor and maintain your ISA Server infrastructure... Read More

  7. Scripts To Manage Microsoft ISA Server

    Here you'll find scripts and resources for Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004. All the scripts are free and in the public domain. More scripts are in development and if there is a type of script you'd really like to see here, let me know and maybe I'll write it!... Read More

  8. CacheDir Tool for Microsoft ISA Server 2004

    Use CacheDir.exe to view real-time cache contents, save information about the current cache contents to a file, and mark obsolete items that should not be served from the cache... Read More

  9. Firewall Client Tool for ISA Server 2004

    Use this tool to configure, manage, and troubleshoot Firewall Client for ISA Server 2004... Read More

  10. ISA Stats 1.5

    ISA Stats is a program for Microsoft ISA Server that allows you to control and block the hosts users are browsing in real time. This software for monitoring the efficiency of your company's Internet bandwidth usage. Using this product you can easily find out who, when, where to, where from and what accessed the Internet. Monitors web browsing in real... Read More

  11. ISACertTool for ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition

    ISACertTool.exe helps you to deploy certificate required to authenticate communications between ISA Server array members and the Configuration Storage server in a number of ISA Server deployment scenarios... Read More

  12. Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Best Practices Analyzer Tool

    The Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool is designed for administrators who want to determine the overall health of their ISA Server computers and to diagnose current problems. The tool scans the configuration settings of the local ISA Server computer and reports issues that do not conform to the recommended best practices... Read More

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