Chaperon for ISA 2004/06

Last Updated on 5 June 2013, Company: CornerPost Software

Continuing its status as the only Internet filtering and management product built specifically for filtering on ISA 2004/06, Chaperon for ISA 2004/06 builds upon its predecessor's features and capabilities to bring you an even more robust Internet management system. Chaperon takes advantage of ISA Server's ability to have multiple policies and larger rule sets. Other benefits include remote management, faster unblocking, and tight integration with Active Directory.

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  1. Mark Horner Mon, 10 Jan. 2005 01:00

    ISA Server 2004 program rocks...

    Their new isa 2004 program installs without a hitch (although the first load of the filter takes some time) and runs great. It fully supports the features of isa 2004. Best I've seen yet. Haven't tried the tech support... but then I haven't required it eiter. Very pleased to see a product that just works!

  2. Robert Torres Mon, 21 June 2004 02:00

    Good Product but...

    There are issues related to this product and Active Directory that they are presently working to resolve. They work on a subscription basis and for a Non-Active Directory ISA box they are great. It's the AD intergrated that has issues. Potential for degrading your Site Link connections. If they fix the manner by which their software updates the destination sets this would be a no brainer "5".

  3. Jennifer Sham Fri, 16 May 2003 02:00

    comments for Chaperon 2000

    Great product, well priced. As far as support; although they CURRENTLY do not have any users manuals, they utilize WebEx on-line meeting technology to directly interact with the product, taking out a LOT of the guessing/back and forth/let me take a look/I'll get back to you on that - they just do it. And upon request will provide a detailed explanation of what they did and why. Tech support is ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile and keep digging until they resolve the issue. Tech support will work closely with the programmers and never come back with an "I don't know" answer.

    If you think their "support is more than lousy.." then you OBVIOUSLY haven't utilized it.

    Give it a try! The product and the support. I've learned a lot about their product by just asking!!

    Allegheny County - Division of Computer Services

  4. Ralf Wiedemer Thu, 19 Dec. 2002 01:00

    lousy support !

    Program looks nice, support is more than lousy..

  5. T Mankin Fri, 11 Oct. 2002 02:00


    Quick and easy install, expert ISA Server support.

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