FileWay for ISA Server

Last Updated on 3 May 2006, Company: Everywhere Networks

FileWay enables remote users to access files over a secure web connection without having to establish a VPN. Employees can remotely access files on the corporate file servers as well as on their desktop computers using a browser and without the need for client software. Using standards-based access and authentication protocols, FileWay is compatible with Microsoft ISA Server 2000, 2004 and thus benefits from all its major security and performance added value like protecting networks from unauthorized access, inspecting traffic, and alerting administrators to threats.

FileWay integrates with ISA Server. FileWay has a web filter that forwards basic authentication from ISA Server to FileWay Server. Therefore only authenticated users passes from ISA Server Firewall and this provides a more secure environment for FileWay to run in. The following are some of the major benefits of integrating FileWay with ISA Server:

FileWay out of the box integration with ISA Server enables remote users to leverage the ISA Server secure reverse proxy functionality to access files securely from any browser; Integrating Fileway with OWA and securing them with ISA Server delivers 90% of VPN functionality without having to deploy client software; ISA Server Secure Publishing protects the Fileway servers published behind the firewall from external attacks, allowing only authorized traffic.

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