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  1. LockoutGuard

    LockoutGuard from Collective Software augments the capabilities of ISA 2006 to allow a “soft lockout”. LockoutGuard can be configured to start denying authentication attempts before the AD lockout limit is reached. This acts as an additional tier of “lockout security”, safely locking the account out of the extranet. During soft lockout of a user's account, password guessing on the extranet... Read More

  2. Captivate for ISA Server

    Captivate for ISA Server from Collective Software is a filter for ISA 2006 and 2004 that adds captive portal functionality to your proxied networks. Features include: Display a “Terms of Service” screen or policy page which the user must read and acknowledge; On a wireless network segment, always direct the user to a custom start page first, before allowing other... Read More

  3. PointSharp ID

    PointSharp ID is one product with many methods of strong identification based on One-Time Passwords (OTP). OTP methods provided are SMS, hardware tokens, software tokens with easy distribution and all OATH compatible tokens. PointSharp ID integrates with one or more Active Directories (AD) or similar catalogs. PointSharp ID is built on .NET and certified by Microsoft. Microsoft ISA 2006 Edition... Read More

  4. ActivIdentity 4TRESS AAA Server

    ActivIdentity 4TRESS AAA Server for Remote Access integrates with Microsoft ISA Server to provide strong two-factor user authentication with one-time passwords. 4TRESS AAA Server and ISA Server provide secure remote access to network resources through the web or VPN where static passwords are not secure enough. 4TRESS AAA Server is a full RADIUS compliant Authentication, Authorization and Accounting server and... Read More

  5. FlexAuth

    Provides Single Sign On features to published web sites in ISA 2004. Customize your Forms-Based-Authentication (FBA) pages. Use one set of credentials across many web listeners without re-authentication. ActiveSync/Exchange-OMA and other simple clients automatically use Basic Authentication (without splitting listeners!) Supports LDAP/LDAP-SSL for authentication. Use Windows groups/users in your access rules, even if ISA is not in your domain. No-cost... Read More

  6. RSA SecurID for ISA

    RSA SecurID two-factor authentication complements the Microsoft ISA Server to allow organizations to secure enterprise network resources. By deploying RSA SecurID strong authentication solution with the Microsoft ISA Server, organizations can implement secure reliable means of verifying a user's identity before granting access to network resources... Read More

  7. FlexForm

    FlexForm from Collective Software augments the capabilities of ISA 2006, allowing it to interact with your internal back-end web login forms and sign in the user (provided they can use the same credentials). Features: Configure FlexForm with normal ISA publishing rules. You “publish” each form page with separate settings for interaction; Select a form on the page by name attribute... Read More

  8. FileWay for ISA Server

    FileWay enables remote users to access files over a secure web connection without having to establish a VPN. Employees can remotely access files on the corporate file servers as well as on their desktop computers using a browser and without the need for client software. Using standards-based access and authentication protocols, FileWay is compatible with Microsoft ISA Server 2000, 2004... Read More

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