Panda Security for ISA Servers

Last Updated on 28 March 2008, Company: Panda Security

Panda Security for ISA Servers protects against all malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware, spam and hoaxes, phishing, dialers, hacking tools, security risks, etc.). It scans all file formats sent and received. It does this using a Web filter (ISAPI) and an application filter through HTTP, SMTP and FTP (over HTTP).

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  1. Keith Wed, 3 Aug. 2005 02:00


    Watch out I learned the hard way that this product doesn't support Server 2003 SP1 - I contacted Panda support and they admitted they were having various problems with SP1. They said their 3.6 version will work but since I have to rebuild my ISA 2004 server from scratch I am leary to even install it ever again.

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