Portsys Unified Access Gateway Appliance

Last Updated on 18 July 2013, Company: PortSys

The PortSys Unified Access Gateway is a flexible platform that gives mobile workers, partners and customers secure, complete access to almost any application -- without the headaches of creating and maintaining VPN connections.

The PortSys Unified Access Gateway leverages the full power of Microsoft's UAG to provide secure access to almost any resource within the enterprise – and allows you to change, limit or forbid access to specific resources based on the location, device or security level of the remote user. Configuration is not only simple, it provides far tighter security and increased flexibility when compared to SSL-VPNs. SSL- VPNs create an encrypted tunnel through your firewall without letting you see what travels through. The PortSys Unified Access Gateway monitors traffic on your network, identifies the types of traffic and range of connections, then stops all attempts to penetrate your enterprise except those you have already approved, under conditions you have already set.

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