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  1. FAQ #874

    Reports do not work. What am I doing wrong?... Read More

  2. FAQ #875

    When i installed ISA RC1 in cache mode i couldn't get my web pages and then i installed it in integrated mode and everything worked fine and i didn't any of my configuration! Why would this be so?... Read More

  3. FAQ #876

    I want to be able to connect to the ISA server through MMC, which works fine on the server where it is installed but I would like to control it from my Windows 2000 professional PC. Is this possible?... Read More

  4. FAQ #877

    In the situation where you have a T1 hooked up to a router, then to an ISA Firewall enabled Server, then a switch, and then various servers & other pc's, what would happen if the ISA machine went down (i.e. pull the power plug). Do the servers and pc's still get internet traffic, or does the ISA server being down... Read More

  5. FAQ #886

    I need to configure isa server on my network. I've 3 servers (1 for firewall, 1 for web, 1 for database). Ne1 have documentation about configure network between their and isa server?... Read More

  6. FAQ #884

    How to install the 'ISA-server' snap-in on a non-isa server for remote administration?... Read More

  7. FAQ #885

    I have Proxy 2.0 on W2K AS with SP1. I want to upgrade to ISA server. I have a VPN running on the Proxy box and an Exchange server (5.5) behind the Proxy. When I upgrade what filters and allows am I going to have to define? Will I have to upgrade all the clients as well since we have... Read More

  8. FAQ #881

    My dsl router has a static ip and my isa server external interface also has a static ip. The isa server's external interface's default gateway is the dsl router's ip. Now these 2 ip addresses belong to a subnet with 16 ip addresses. of which 2 are used as described above, and 2 r used by the network number and... Read More

  9. FAQ #882

    Initial vanilla install of ISA did not allow me to ICMP through my server. Both external and internal nics respond to ICMP's but will not pass through the server. I followed the instructions on and created rules opening everything up, all services (telnet, ftp, etc..) work with the exception of ICMP... Read More

  10. FAQ #883

    Problem with migrating from ISA RC1 to ISA Evaluation (120). After setup (Release Candidate 1 (RC1) Upgrade) Firewall and Web Proxy haven't worked. Other ISA services work properly. In Event Log error 14079. I run rmisa and re-run setup (from ISA Server 2000 Evaluation Edition), but situation bad too. I run rmisa and re-run setup (from ISA RC1) and all... Read More

  11. FAQ #880

    What is the most practical method of upgrading the beta version we have installed to the full version of the Standard edition of ISA Server without losing any configurations already in place?... Read More

  12. FAQ #879

    I've just installed ISA server and I am having very long connection times to the server. It takes approximately 40-45 seconds before starting to load a web page. Any ideas?... Read More

  13. FAQ #878

    During installation I receive the error message: "Cannot start service isacntl". What does this mean?... Read More

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