Errors - Various ISA Server error messages. What they mean and how to get rid of them

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  1. FAQ #1036

    I'm trying to get my Cisco and Nortel VPN clients working through the ISA Server. They are not using PPTP. I think they're using IPSec, but I'm not sure. All I know is that the Nortel and Cisco VPN clients on the internal network can't call out through the ISA Server. What do I need to do?... Read More

  2. FAQ #833

    I've installed the Remote ISA Server MMC console on my Win2k Professional Machine. When I try to connect to the ISA Server through the console, it doesn't work! I'm logged in as a Domain Admin and I've even used the Run As command. What up with that?... Read More

  3. FAQ #831

    How can I stop the dreaded 14120 error?... Read More

  4. FAQ #887

    I receive an error in the event log Firewall “Cannot bind SMTP requests to port 25 because it is already in use by another process.” What could it be?... Read More

  5. FAQ #888

    I've just installed RC1 and now I'm getting loads of 14120 errors in the event log (LAT and windows routing tables don't match)... Read More

  6. FAQ #889

    I'm having a problem with ISA and outlook express 5. I can't access my hotmail accounts - the error I get is: ”Proxy Error (Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.)”. How can I fix this?... Read More

  7. FAQ #898

    I get the following error message when i attempt to manually start the services: ‘ERROR 1747 - THE AUTHENTICATION SERVICE IS UNKNOWN’... Read More

  8. FAQ #896

    Error on restart of the ISA-service 'The Microsoft Web Proxy failed to log information to file WEBxxxxxxxx.log '... Read More

  9. FAQ #897

    Upgrading NIC causes problems when ISA is running. When upgrading the internal adapter winows ask for a file called "|". How could I prevent this?... Read More

  10. FAQ #893

    I couldn't get a web connection at the client without the proxy setting. What could I be missing? The client gateway is set to the address of the inside adapter of the ISA server. And, since it does work with the proxy setting, I know that the protocol and site/content rules do allow access. If it makes a difference, the... Read More

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