1. FAQ #892

    I install ISA server standard edition on windows 2000 stand-alone server. Firewall clients in Windows NT 4 domain receive error 407 (forbidden). How do i resolve this problem?... Read More

  2. FAQ #961

    I can not get my ISA server to present my own web site ( hosted by same machine under IIS) am desprately trying to get site online as soon as possible... Read More

  3. FAQ #903

    When i installed ISA RC1 in cache mode i couldn't get my web pages and then i installed it in integrated mode and everything worked fine and i didn't any of my configuration! Why would this be so?... Read More

  4. FAQ #938

    I'm trying to reach a site with SSL on port 3000 (https://www...:3000). When packet filtering is enabled, I cannot aces the site. When I disable it, I can access the site. How can I make this work with packet filtering?... Read More

  5. FAQ #889

    I'm having a problem with ISA and outlook express 5. I can't access my hotmail accounts - the error I get is: ”Proxy Error (Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.)”. How can I fix this?... Read More

  6. FAQ #894

    Both the web proxy and firewall services fail to start after installation and will not restart. Event viewer gives the error code as #7031; "The Microsoft Web Proxy service terminated unexpectedly."... Read More

  7. FAQ #914

    No matter what I do, NNTP through Outlook Express does not work! I can see the protocols defined already when I installed ISA but why isn’t it working?... Read More

  8. FAQ #928

    Is there an easy way to just open up ISA to pass all traffic?... Read More

  9. FAQ #936

    I have some users that some how succeeded to download programs like HTTP PORT that can be found at url<a href="http://www.technetva.com/httport/index.htm">Http://www.technetva.com/httport/index.htm</a> for more details and the other one is Socks2HTTP that can be found at url <a href="http://www.totalrc.com/">http://www.totalrc.com/</a> they mange to converting SOCKS v.5 requests into HTTP requests and tunneling them through HTTP proxy or virtually open almost any tcp... Read More

  10. FAQ #906

    Does ISA Server support stateful inspection?... Read More

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