1. FAQ #1036

    I'm trying to get my Cisco and Nortel VPN clients working through the ISA Server. They are not using PPTP. I think they're using IPSec, but I'm not sure. All I know is that the Nortel and Cisco VPN clients on the internal network can't call out through the ISA Server. What do I need to do?... Read More

  2. FAQ #1037

    How do I make the Cisco VPN client work from behind the ISA Server?... Read More

  3. FAQ #1121

    How do I access SNMP servers like MRTG from the ISA Server firewall itself?... Read More

  4. FAQ #1253

    I made a change in the Web Proxy configuration settings in the Firewall Client tab on the ISA firewall. I clicked the "Configure Now" button on the Firewall client machine, but the changes are not made to the browser. What''s up with that?... Read More

  5. FAQ #1254

    I am using a cable or DSL connection to my ISP. They assign me an address via DHCP. I can't get an addresss from my ISP for my ISA firewall's external interface. How do I fix this?... Read More

  6. FAQ #1255

    Sometimes I have to restart the ISA firewall computer after installing the ISA firewall software. What's up with that?... Read More

  7. FAQ #1262

    How do I turn off spoof detection in the ISA firewall? (2204)... Read More

  8. FAQ #1263

    How do I enable PING through my ISA firewall? (2004)... Read More

  9. FAQ #827

    I'm trying to use FTP from my SecureNAT client but it does not work! It works with the Web Proxy and Firewall clients, but not the SecureNAT clients. Why?... Read More

  10. FAQ #828

    How do I perform a silent installation of the Firewall client for Win2k and Windows NT client computers?... Read More

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