1. FAQ #944

    I want my ISA server to connect to the internet by using a dial up entry to my internet provider. The dropdown boxes in the ISA server configuration screens do not show the dial up entries I have configured. They're just empty drop down boxes. Anyone know what seems to be the problem?... Read More

  2. FAQ #883

    Problem with migrating from ISA RC1 to ISA Evaluation (120). After setup (Release Candidate 1 (RC1) Upgrade) Firewall and Web Proxy haven't worked. Other ISA services work properly. In Event Log error 14079. I run rmisa and re-run setup (from ISA Server 2000 Evaluation Edition), but situation bad too. I run rmisa and re-run setup (from ISA RC1) and all... Read More

  3. FAQ #853

    Asp pages take forever to process and most times don't finish processing at all with both RC1 and Beta 3, how can I fix this?... Read More

  4. FAQ #874

    Reports do not work. What am I doing wrong?... Read More

  5. FAQ #866

    How do I check what version of ISA Server I am using?... Read More

  6. FAQ #919

    Quicken 2000 is installed on a client machine (inside LAT). I’m trying to connect to the internet to pull bank records. I get a problem saying it cannot detect a network presence. How do I fix this?... Read More

  7. FAQ #942

    Each time I would disconnect, ISA would force a reconnect every couple of minutes. I have turned off active caching, do not have any applications running that would request information from the Internet periodically and have also turned off all netbios requests to my router just in case that was causing the problem. What might be causing this auto redial?... Read More

  8. FAQ #965

    How do I enable user names to show up instead of ‘anonymous ‘in logs, without installing the firewall client?... Read More

  9. FAQ #851

    What are the major improvements with ISA Server Release Candidate 1 (RC1)... Read More

  10. FAQ #875

    When i installed ISA RC1 in cache mode i couldn't get my web pages and then i installed it in integrated mode and everything worked fine and i didn't any of my configuration! Why would this be so?... Read More

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