Securing the Edge in a Post-TMG World

by [Published on 28 Feb. 2013 / Last Updated on 28 Feb. 2013]

A big shout-out to Sander de Wit in the Netherlands, for pointing me toward a really comprehensive series of blog posts over on the web site, titled Securing the Edge in a Post-TMG World. Last month, we pointed you toward Part 1 to get you started: 

Now the series is winding toward an end. Right now, you can read Parts 1 through 4, and the last post in the series is scheduled to be published on March 7th. The most recent installment is a very detailed analysis of the features and functionality of Barracuda’s NG (Next Generation) firewall, which – according to some of the mail I’ve gotten – a number of readers have been considering. Check it out here:

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