Windows Media Player Requests Authentication on Web Proxy Client Computers

by [Published on 30 May 2007 / Last Updated on 30 May 2007]

Are you having problems with the Windows Media Player asking for authentication credentials on your Web proxy client computers? If so, I caught you! You should be using the Firewall client. Here's the scoop:

Problem: A public Web site has a link to resources that require Windows Media Player. The resources are not opening properly.

Cause: Windows Media Player may be attempting to connect anonymously, and access is denied because authentication is required for the request.

Solution: Use either of the following workarounds:

• The preferred method, to authenticate traffic and log user names, is to install Firewall Client on client computers. Then Firewall Client authenticates on behalf of the application.

• Allow outgoing access without authentication by creating a rule to allow a set of computers anonymous outgoing access so that they can access the content. Such traffic will not be logged with a user name.



Thomas W Shinder, M.D.



MVP — Microsoft Firewalls (ISA)

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