ISA 2006 and Windows Server 2008

by [Published on 5 Oct. 2008 / Last Updated on 5 Oct. 2008]

I've seen lots of questions on ISA 2006 and Windows Server 2008. Here's are some basic facts:

  • ISA 2006 will not run on Windows Server 2008
  • ISA 2006 will not run on 64bit operating system of any kind
  • You can join ISA 2006 to a Windows Server 2008 domain (a domain containing Windows Server 2008 domain controllers)
  • Since ISA 2006 can't be installed on Windows Server 2008, you cannot terminate an SSTP VPN connection at the ISA firewall
  • However, you can publish a SSTP SSL VPN server behind the ISA 2006 firewall
  • You cannot publish a IIS SFTP server behind an ISA firewall

For more information and a collection of useful links on these issues, check out Yuri Diogenes' blog at



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