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Deb Shinder, MVP (Enterprise Security) continues the Shinder tradition of providing readers with the latest and greatest news, tips and tricks for optimizing your ISA Server or TMG based network security infrastructure. This blog will address all topics pertaining to the Microsoft firewall products and how ISA/TMG administrators can get the most out of them so your company’s employees can use the Internet safely and productively.

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  1. Replacing TMG with Fortinet Fortigates

    As TMG admins struggle to evaluate all the possible replacements for TMG before it reaches end-of-life, it helps to hear from those who are using various other firewalls - especially when they're familiar with TMG and can offer objective comparisons... Read More

  2. Can't remotely connect to TMG server when it's publishing RDP

    If you've attempted to publish the RDP protocol through TMG and suddenly were unable to connect to the TMG server itself via RDP, read on... Read More

  3. Reports of the firewall's death have been greatly exaggerated

    We've been hearing for years that the firewall is dead, perimeter security is "so 1999" and today it's all about protections at the data level (encryption). But not everyone agrees... Read More

  4. Set Up and Edit VPN Connections in Windows 8

  5. Deploy VPN When Connecting Remotely with Windows 8 Client Systems

  6. Core Network Companion Guide: Group Policy Deployment

  7. Manage DirectAccess Clients Remotely

  8. Core Network Companion Guide: Server Certificate Deployment

  9. Monitor connected remote clients for activity and status

  10. Quarantine Control for the VPN Server

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