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Deb Shinder, MVP (Enterprise Security) continues the Shinder tradition of providing readers with the latest and greatest news, tips and tricks for optimizing your ISA Server or TMG based network security infrastructure. This blog will address all topics pertaining to the Microsoft firewall products and how ISA/TMG administrators can get the most out of them so your company’s employees can use the Internet safely and productively.

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  1. Celestix rides to the rescue of TMG/UAG users

    Celestix announced on December 1 that they will offer a support program for TMG and UAG customers who will be affected by Microsoft mainstream support end of life next April... Read More

  2. Security Readers' Choice Awards

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the best web application firewall of all?... Read More

  3. Firewall: Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated

    The tech press has been writing the firewall's obituary over and over for years, but it's not dead yet... Read More

  4. Forefront TMG 2010 SQL Services Fail to Start after Disabling SSL 3.0

    Mitigating the POODLE attack may cause problems. Here's what to do... Read More

  5. Microsoft rebranding Identity Manager with new preview

    Forefront is no longer in the forefront as the last remnants of the brand fade away... Read More

  6. Reverse Proxy for Lync

    In the past, Lync often relied on TMG for reverse proxy services. What to do now that TMG has been discontinued?... Read More

  7. IT Admins Turn Off Firewall Features

    McAfee's Network Performance and Security report on next-gen firewalls indicates that a third of IT admins admit to turning off firewall features to increase performance... Read More

  8. Successfully deploy Next Generation Firewalls

    If you're worried about APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) and looking to deploy a next generation firewall, you're not alone... Read More

  9. Reverse Proxy Alternatives for Lync

    If you used TMG as a reverse proxy for your Lync server, but you're now moving away from TMG since Microsoft stopped supporting it, you might be looking for an alternative... Read More

  10. Muzzle the Poodle on TMG 2010

    If you keep up with the latest vulnerabilities, you've probably heard of POODLE, a serious vulnerability in the SSL 3.0 protocol... Read More

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