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Deb Shinder, MVP (Enterprise Security) continues the Shinder tradition of providing readers with the latest and greatest news, tips and tricks for optimizing your ISA Server or TMG based network security infrastructure. This blog will address all topics pertaining to the Microsoft firewall products and how ISA/TMG administrators can get the most out of them so your company’s employees can use the Internet safely and productively.

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  1. Integrate Swivel with UAG

    SwivelSecure is a two factor authentication solution that's growing in popularity; here's how to integrate it with Microsoft UAG... Read More

  2. Celestix still committed to TMG

    Microsoft may have written off TMG, but Celestix hasn't... Read More

  3. Forefront TMG 2010 NIS signature updates

    Has Microsoft abandoned updating for NIS signatures?... Read More

  4. Symantec CSP with TMG

    Symantec provides guidance on troubleshooting their Client Site Proxy with TMG server... Read More

  5. Recommended Forefront TMG 2010 SSL and TLS Configuration

    How to configure your TMG 2010 firewall to get an A rating from the SSL Labs test site... Read More

  6. World's Fastest Firewall

    According to MarketWatch, Fortinet's newest firewall is the fastest ever... Read More

  7. Microsoft releases new version of EMET

    Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience ToolKit (EMET) v5.0 was released today... Read More

  8. Examining the Future of Firewalls

    Firewlls have been a staple of network security for two decades, but where does the firewall fit into the "cloud first, mobile first" world of tomorrow?... Read More

  9. TechEd's Last Hurrah: Barcelona

    The TechEd brand might be going away, but you still have a last chance to attend... Read More

  10. TechEd dead? Microsoft MUTE

    Microsoft has announced that the plethora of existing IT conferences they hold each year will be now rolled into one... Read More

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