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Last Updated on 17 July 2013, Total: 18 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Product Review - Portsys Unified Access Gateway

    The author takes a look at Portsys Unified Access Gateway... Read More

  2. Product Review: AGAT Software Solutions’ ActiveSync Shield

    The author takes a look at AGAT Software Solutions’ ActiveSync Shield... Read More

  3. Product Review: Fastvue Dashboard

    The author takes a look at Fastvue Dashboard... Read More

  4. Product Review: BNTC Software's Bandwidth Splitter

    Deb Shinder reviews BNTC’s Bandwidth Splitter... Read More

  5. Product Review: GFI WebMonitor 2009

    This article reviews the capabilities and features of GFI WebMonitor 2009, an integrated Web security, monitoring and Internet access control product from GFI Software... Read More

  6. Product Review: Celestix HOTPin

    Dr. Tom Shinder reviews Celestix’s HOTPin password solution for WSA IAG 2007 appliances... Read More

  7. Product Review: Winfrasoft Gateway Appliances

    Gateway Appliances “Powered by Winfrasoft”– Deliver your Microsoft Forefront and Websense solutions on a TIER-1 hardware appliance... Read More

  8. Product Review: Winfrasoft's Backup for ISA Server - Filling an Important Gap

    One obvious feature still not included with the ISA firewall is a good backup solution. Since there is no complete solution available, many ISA firewall admins resort to a mix of solutions, or just ignore the problem altogether. Winfrasoft's Backup for ISA Server finally fills in that gap... Read More

  9. Product Review: Collective Software's ClearTunnel

    Your ISA Firewall's Web Filters are powerless to inspect outbound SSL connections for unauthorized Web browsing, viruses, trojans, Web exploits and prohibited content. This can be happening right under your firewall's nose and you won't find out until it's too late! This review on Collective Software's ClearTunnel shows how you can protect yourself from the SSL Security Hole... Read More

  10. Product Review: GFI WebMonitor 3.0

    There are a number of solutions on the market today that plug into the ISA firewall’s Web proxy filter that enable you to block dangerous downloads and non-work related Web sites. One of the slickest and easiest to configure and manage solutions I’ve found so far is the GFI WebMonitor 3.0... Read More

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