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Articles dealing with certification for ISA Server 2004 & 2000.

  1. Exam 70-227 tutorial A

    There are 55 Questions in this exam and the exam is form based that means you fill in the form like filling in a survey on the Internet. To pass this exam you need to get 720/1000 and you have 160 minutes to do the exam in. Use as much of this time as you can that’s why they give... Read More

  2. ISA Server exam 70-227 typical type questions and examples. Tutorial B of Exam 70-227.

    This is not a brain dump and you will not find these exact questions in the exam. The questions here are similar type questions and have content and the information similar to what you have to learn in order to pass the question. I have done this to protect the integrity of the exam and those who have worked hard... Read More

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