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  1. Understanding the Web Proxy and Firewall Client Automatic Configuration

    In this article we will explore how the ISA Server 2004 Web Proxy and Firewall Client Automatic Configuration really works from a client point of view. With that knowledge you should be able to decide which method is the most appropriate for your specific environment. Although this article is written with the ISA Server 2004 in mind, most of the... Read More

  2. The Mystery of the failing POP3 Access with ISA 2000

    You have configured your ISA 2000 server and internal clients according to best practices. Everything is running smoothly except that a lot of users are complaining about connection problems when accessing an external POP3 server. If you want to know why this can happen and how to solve that problem, read on... Read More

  3. Creating URL and Domain Deny Lists using ISA Server 2004

    One of the great benefits of the ISA firewall in both the 2000 and 2004 versions is its ability to block access to any specific Web URL or domain or indeed a compiled list of such. In this article I'll show you how to block these sites, and even maybe how to wrestle an alligator. Check it out!... Read More

  4. ISA Server 2004 is Ignoring my Web Publishing Rule

    I heard the following comment from a few clients: "ISA Server is ignoring my server publishing rule and it is always using the default rule". This will happen especially if you are working on a complicated network where the ISA firewall and the application servers are on different subnets. Check out this article for an explanation why this happens and... Read More

  5. Configuring an Untrusted Wireless DMZ on the ISA Firewall - Part 2: Installing and Configuring the ISA Firewall

    In part 1 of this two part series on how to create an untrusted wireless DMZ segment on the ISA firewall, we discussed the basic infrastructure elements required to make the solution work. We then went into detail on how to create a split DNS infrastructure to support the wireless DMZ segment. In this, part 2 of the two part... Read More

  6. Implementing Checkpoint NG R55 Firewall and Microsoft ISA 2004 Firewall IPSec Site-to-Site VPN

    As you already know, the Microsoft ISA 2004 firewall is a stateful packet and application layer inspection firewall that is becoming increasingly popular among the security experts and corporate firewall administrators. They understand Microsoft ISA 2004 is the best security solution for Microsoft environments, and often for non-Microsoft environments. In this article I will show you the process you need... Read More

  7. Allowing the ISA 2004 Firewall to use Windows Update Services

    Steve Moffat provides a step by step walkthrough on allowing the ISA firewall to use Windows Update Services... Read More

  8. Revisiting NLB Bidirectional Affinity on ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition

    Many of you have read the article I did on how to enable NLB bidirectional affinity in ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition at In that article I tried to make it clear that NLB BDA is not officially supported on ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition. However, it is fully supported in ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition and I highly... Read More

  9. Understanding the ISA 2004 Connectivity Verifiers

    A very nice feature of the ISA Server 2004 is the ability to verify the connectivity by regularly monitoring connections from the ISA Server computer to any specific computer or URL on any network. To accomplish that you have to configure connectivity verifiers. However, did you ever wonder how they exactly work, which access rules are involved and how this... Read More

  10. Enabling Secure SSL OWA Access through the ISA Firewall: Part 1: Learning the Basics with HTTP to HTTP Bridging

    For those of you new to stateful application layer inspection of SSL tunneled data, the procedures involved might not immediately make sense. To get you up and running with your secure OWA and Web site publishing through the ISA firewall, we’ll present a two part series on how the ISA firewall handles remote access to Web sites using Web Publishing... Read More

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