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  1. Features & Benefits of ISA Server.

    Although the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server is a descendent of Microsoft Proxy Server, the new product is much more than a simple upgrade. ISA Server introduces many new features and improves Proxy Server's existing capabilities... Read More

  2. Microsoft's ISA Server Threatens Firewall Market.

    When Microsoft's Proxy Server first became available in October of 1996, industry analysts knew it would only be a short amount of time before the company would take the product further to produce a full blown firewall system. They were right. Microsoft's new Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) server, currently in beta, is positioned as a firewall and traffic management... Read More

  3. Caching in on Web Security.

    We tested the ISA Server 2000 using two popular free open-source network attack tools,'s Nessus 1.0.5 and's NMAP 2.53. Both hacking tools revealed open-port vulnerabilities, but these weaknesses were minor ones that likely wouldn't cause real damage to a network: ISA Server 2000 blocked the most threatening attacks. Microsoft officials said they plan to address these issues before... Read More

  4. Microsoft's Stellar ISA Server.

    With the introduction of Proxy Server 1.0, Microsoft made its first foray into two burgeoning new markets: Internet security and accelerated Web access. Although the initial version of Proxy Server provides only basic security features and doesn't support several popular Internet protocols, it quickly gained popularity among Windows NT-centric organizations that needed user-level access control to Internet services, Internet firewall... Read More

  5. Windows NT / 2000 Security.

    We begin by summarizing the cornerstone of Windows NT security -- user authentication. You must understand its basics before you can make some central decisions about domain structure, the most fundamental determinant of who does what on your network and where they can do it. A networked operating system like Windows NT imposes security by granting specific services and fulfilling... Read More


    Nowadays, concepts such as firewalls, VPNs and intrusion detection systems are old hat for security professionals-just as concepts like server publication and Internet caches are well understood by network engineers.What makes the Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server from Microsoft ( groundbreaking is that it can do it all. There are many vendors out there that attempt to merge previously... Read More

  7. What is ISA Server 2000.

    ISA Server was designed for the Windows 2000 platform, taking advantage of advanced OS technologies including management, networking and authentication services. In addition, Windows integration makes it easier for administrators to work with other Microsoft applications like Exchange and NetMeeting... Read More

  8. ISA Server Ready for Primetime.

    Microsoft has announced that its Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000, the company's first security product, will ship this month. ISA Server--3 years in development--replaces and enhances Proxy Server and offers enterprise firewall features for security and Web-caching functionality. Microsoft Senior Vice President Paul Flessner describes ISA Server as a key member of the .NET Enterprise Servers family... Read More

  9. Microsoft fleshes out its .Net server lineup.

    Two of the last pieces of Microsoft's newest line of enterprise servers rolled off the assembly line last week, but the software means little until corporate Windows 2000 deployments are complete. Microsoft shipped its Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 (ISA), a firewall and cache, and completed development on Application Center 2000 server. AppCenter, which is designed for managing Web... Read More

  10. Ten Reasons to Install MS ISA Server on Your Network.

    Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration Server, or ISA Server, is an ICSA-certified firewall, but is that the only reason to install it on your network? Here are ten additional reasons to use this multifaceted product... Read More

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